Friday, February 02, 2007

Can You S.E.E. ?

Sleep. Eat. Exercise.

These are the 3 main factors in the mix of you living a healthier lifestyle.

Which comes first?

If you're not getting enough sleep, the motivation and energy to exercise will naturally be low. But, if you exercise a few times, you'll hit the sack and pass out more easily, and thus get a sound night's sleep.

If you're exercising, you're body will naturally crave healthier foods that offer sustainable energy instead of fast-fix sugar. But its hard to exercise when you just ate or you still have food in your stomach - and that seems to be the case just too often for many people.

If you're eating well, or on a strict diet, it's really hard to double-down and get the exercise in, because you're sluggish from being in a negative caloric balance. Of course, if you can grin and bear it, you'll lose a ton of weight this way - but this is extremely hard, and sometimes dangerous, to sustain.

So which comes first?

The answer is: start in the middle.

Here are some options:

1) Get a string of good sleeps, then start an exercise program.

2) Force the issue with a couple of workouts - then you're sure to sleep well.

3) Workout before lunch and pass on the burger afterwards; opt for a salad with chicken. Better yet, workout on your lunch break and eat an energy bar for lunch.

The point is that sleeping, exercising and eating are inter-related. If one gets out of balance, it throws the other 2 off balance. My imbalance always starts with not getting enough sleep. I start compensating with sugar and caffeine. Workouts then suffer if they happen at all. So should I get more sleep tonight and then workout this weekend? Or should I go to the gym so I'm snoring by 10:30 tonight?

It doesn't matter. But I will do one of them. And then again the next day - and the next - until I'm back in balance. Until I can see again.


s said...

I think you offer wonderful advice on your blog and website. In your fitness library for the medicine ball exercises, I would behoove me to know which areas these excercises are working because I do certain parts on different days. As a marathon runner I want to maintain positive and consistent program not filled with random workouts. Speaking of such, is it possible to mention a workout regime or two? I thought I might push the bill but I would love to know which areas are being workout with the medicine ball exercises.

Jim said...


Agreed whole heartedly that random workouts are not very productive.

Give me a few weeks to input the muscle groups worked for each of the exercises in our exercise library; it is a good suggestion and one I've been meaning to implement.

On workout routines, this is the crux of what Agile has to offer. Visit the Core Exercise programs from the front page of If you'd like help picking something out, let me know and I can guide you.

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