Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Good and Not-So-Good Exercises

When you get older - and this means over the age of 25 - it's time to change your priorities about what's important: your ego or your health.

No one in the gym really cares how much weight you can lift. I do Arm Curls with an empty bar and I haven't gotten laughed at yet, at least not about that.

That said, the opposite is useless - not lifting enough weight. I see too many women lay down with a pair of 12 pound dumbbells to Bench Press. That's almost a total waste of time.

3 popular exercises that can do damage, should you lift too much weight:

1. Incline Bench Press
2. Behind Neck Shoulder Press
3. Upright Rows

3 exercises that should be staples to any exercise program (and you can keep it light):

1. Squats (for back and hip flexibility)
2. Cross Bench Pullovers (for shoulder flexibility)
3. Downward Dog (for hamstring & IT Band flexibility)

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